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The first clinically proven sleepwear bluecare, uses a specially woven micro-fibre, ExalonTM, developed originally for burn treatment units. Our new sleep suits help eczema suffers break the “itch-scratch” cycle and get better night sleep. This micro-fibre fabric provides eczema patients maximum comfort and helps in the healing process as you scratch less.


  • Micro-fibre instead of cotton
  • The woven carbon fibres ensure a permanent anti static effect
  • No irritation on the skin even after physical exertion
  • A very smooth fine weave surface
  • Permeable to water and water vapour
  • No retention of perspiration or heat
  • Soft, Comfortable and feather light
  • Clinically performed patch tests show no skin irritation from the material or dyes used
  • Water vapour permeability test results – “very good” – Research Institute, Hohenstien, Germany

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  • Also suitable for patients with psoriasis and other itchy skin conditions.
  • bluecare is a pyjama suit made from a unique material, with anti-static carbon micro-fibres, that exhibits properties far superior to cotton.
  • Clinical studies in German University Hospitals have proven that this new material not only protects the skin but also offers maximum comfort because of it’s soft feel and high quality tailoring.
  • bluecare is design to be worn around the house or for sleeping
  • CE Medical Device Class 1