Allergen Avoidance

Allergen avoidance or environmental control is the reduction or even elimination of exposure to the triggers of Allergies. Our focus for the last 27 years has been Allergen Avoidance. We have worked closely with leading specialists to help develop clinically proven measures to reduce Allergic symptoms, such as asthma, rhinitis and eczema.

Leading medical societies all agree that the cornerstone of avoiding house dust mite allergen is to concentrate on the bed. Anti-allergen barrier covers being the cornerstone of measures taken.  This is shown in the following report from Dr T. Platts-Mills in the Journal of Allergy and Clinical Immunlogy.



Allerayde covers on for allergen avoidance

Eczema Care

Allerayde has also developed the first clinically proven sleepwear, bluecare, using a specially designed woven micro-fibre, Exalon. In a multi-centre study comparing the new bluecare sleep-suits were compared against cotton. Within one week the bluecare suits were shown to give significant reduction in symptom scores, itching and sleeplessness. There was also improvement in sleep comfort and were more comfortable to wear, even during physical exertion. Therefore, our new sleep-suits help eczema sufferers break the "itch-scratch" cycle.

Prof Diepgen, Dermatology, Erlangen, Germany, who led the study wrote:

"The availability of this new micro-fibre must be seen as a useful addition to the treatment of eczema, and which during free intervals is highly suitable for patients with sensitive skins and which therefore is to be recommended"


bluecare sleep-suits

bluecare sleep-suits

The Future

Allerayde is continually developing and introducing new treatments and devices to improve the management of allergy and eczema.  Our latest development is a full management regime for allergic shock, to meet current NICE Guidelines. This new approach will therefore make emergency treatment easier to use and ensure all safety issues are met. As a result and most importantly it will improve the outcome for the patient.

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