Allergen avoidance or environmental control is the reduction or even elimination of exposure to the triggers of Allergies. Our focus for the last 27 years has been Allergen Avoidance. We have worked closely with leading specialists to help develop clinically proven measures to reduce Allergic symptoms, such as asthma, rhinitis and eczema.

Leading medical societies all agree that the cornerstone of avoiding house dust mite allergen is to concentrate on the bed, with anti-allergen barrier covers being the cornerstone of measures taken.


Allerayde has also developed the first clinically proven sleepwear, bluecare, using a specially designed woven micro-fibre, Exalon. Our new sleep-suits help eczema sufferers break the "itch-scratch" cycle, reducing medication, symptom scores, itching and sleeplessness within one week.



bluecare sleep-suits
bluecare sleep-suits

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